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Clash of the Somethings
Clash of the Somethings This was a commission based off a comic series ("Clash of the Somethings,") by the fantastic CorruptKINGCheck out the original comic here https://corruptking.deviantart.com/art/Clash-of-the-Somethings-pg-01-534324529And the commission here https://miamor67.deviantart.com/art/Clash-Of-The-Somethings-Commissioned...


Onideka 27
Onideka 27 Introducing the American Giantess. Go Giant School Girl.This series only has a few more issues to go then it`s done for now.


Onideka 23
Onideka 23 Our Giant School Girl is ready to seek out her new adventure without even her knowing where to go. Along the way she finds a new travel partner, This would have been where I would have ended my run on the series but lucky for me 3 more chapters have been translated in time so I will be posting them. So look out YouTube Chapters 24 thru 26 will be coming at you.