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Onideka 02
Onideka 02 Ladies and Gentlemen our Giantess has arrived. This is the first issue where our main character turns into...


Onideka 22
Onideka 22 The much bigger Giant School Girl is standing confused and unsure what to do her "boy" friend comes to talk to her but she`s not having any of it.P.S. My fans will be glad to know I have gotten Chapters 24 thru 26 (3 issues) now in English and will be showing them...


Onideka 04
Onideka 04 Here are in the 4th issue already and what`s this the first true test is introduced, the Maid Giantess. (my fav one). We will see more of her in the upcoming issues.


Field Mushroom Girl requested by a004pc
Field Mushroom Girl requested by a004pc This is a short one shot manga story featuring a girl growing into a giantess and then shrinking to microscopic size. This was a request by...



Onideka 29
Onideka 29 We have reached the end of the English translated Onideka (for now) but I will keep going with the original Japanese for now so chapter`s 30 thru 35 will be in Japanese but at least we all will see what happens next even if most of us won`t be able to read it.